Arrow Camera Digital Imaging
Movie Film to DVD or Tape
Tape to DVD (In house)
DVD is the best way to digitally store and preserve your family memories for generations, giving superior
quality and extended life compared to conventional video tape.
Video Tape (VHS. 8mm,Video 8 mini DVD,Hi 8,) to DVD $19.95
DVD duplication (in house) $10.00
Converting Video from Camera files/ per DVD $19.95
Tape Repair $24.95
Video editing using Adobe premiere /per hour $60.00
We can create a Video slide show taking your jpeg files and place them onto a DVD that is viewable on your computer
or on your TV using your dvd player. Slides or prints must be scanned first for an additional scan charge.
Scanning Pictures $1.50
Scanning Slides $0.55
Inserting Jpeg into DVD $1.00
Inserting Standard title $3.00
Add music: (for each song) $3.50
Have your old home movies transferred to video tapes. Our technicians will clean, repair damage, edit unexposed sections
(5 seconds or more) and splice your film onto a 400 ft. projection reel. We will add titles (limit 1 every 200 ft.) and
musical background at no extra charge. Regular 8, Super 8, and 16 MM films (sound or silent) can be transferred.
1,600 ft. of 8 MM or 3,200 ft. of 16 MM can be transferred to one video tape.
Price List:  
8MM and Super 8, and 16MM Film. $0.20 per ft
400ft plastic 8MM reel $3.79 ea
400ft plastic 16MM reel $5.79 ea
Extra titles $5.00 ea
Extra copies, time of transfer regardless of length (Does not include tape $24.95 ea
Professional grade tape $8.95 ea
Basic DVD Transfer $34.95 ea
Premium DVD Transfer $69.95 ea
$49.95 Minimum Charge on all Transfer orders.

FREE Additional Benefits
Free background music of your choice
Free film repair
  NO charge for format changes
(up to 4)

Free film leader (if needed)
Free fades, wipes, and dissolves and color corrections 
Free editing of unexposed sections
Free Splicing
Free titles (some limitations)
Free cleaning and lubrication

Foreign Conversions
There are three main television systems used throughout the world (SECAM, PAL and NTSC), and in order to view a video tape from a country using a different system a conversion is required.

We offer a sophisticated four field, 8 bit, time base corrected, broadcast quality digital standard conversion.When your
order is placed, please indicate which country the new tape will be played in, and we will convert it to the correct system.


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