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Baby and Children Photography

Baby and children photography is one of our specialties. Let the professionals at Arrow Camera capture those special images of your baby.  Our expert staff knows how to create the best setting that will bring out the best in your baby.  You do not need to make any special arrangements for your photo shoot.  Just bring along anything you think you’d like to use as props.  You should also talk to us about your thoughts for the photo shoot and how we can accommodate you.

We believe that the best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks.  Your baby will grow so fast that capturing these first moment are important ones.  We suggest that you feed and change your baby before the shoot.  A comfortable baby will take the best pictures.  If at any time during the shoot, you or the baby need a quick break, just let us know.

Please dress your baby in clothing that you think represents his or her personality.  If we are photographing multiple babies at once, their clothing does not necessarily have to match, but should be coordinated to work together.  Our studio sessions last anywhere from thirty minutes and up.